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Kalita Wave Drippers

269 kr.299 kr. inc. Vat

Meet the Kalita Wave Drippers coming straight to you from Japan. A quality pour over coffee brewing concept that is designed to improve your coffee-making skills and encourage your coffee consumption.

Coffee is all about the experience. The atmosphere in a cafe, the feeling when you walk through the doors, the pleasures of scene and scent that greets you. Yes, it’s a joyous moment for all us coffee-lovers. Then you order, then you wait, and finally, it arrives, a cup of deliciousness, the first sip, the seconds of instant arousal, when everything stands still, while the world flows by. We like it – and we like the Wave Dripper. The Wave Dripper is a lovely dripper that will take good care of you, when you are in need of professional-level coffee at home. The Kalita 3-hole konfiguration ensures consistently delicious drip coffee, it’s a simple way to enjoy the coffee scene and scent at your own place. The dripper comes in two sizes, 1-2 cups or 3-4 cups. Drink it all yourself or share it with your coffee-lover comrades – and don’t forget the filters.

Pretty neat. Made in stainless steel.