• Kalita Wave 185 Filters
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Kalita Wave Filters

75 kr.80 kr. inc. Vat

It is the Kalita Wave Filters for the Kalita Wave Drippers – if you are out to get the Kalita drip-coffee-experience you need these bad boys, a main component of your Kalita pour over coffee set.

Imagine waking up, it is a quiet morning, you have got plenty of time, plenty of time to wake up, plenty of time to make coffee. Mmm, coffee! That one thing that will keep you going and get you through the day. It will be a great day. Start it off together with the Kalita Wave Dripper and its best friend, the Wave filter. They come as a team and they are in the game to make you professional-level coffee at home.

The Kalita Wave Filters come in two sizes nicely fitted to the size of your Kalita Wave Dripper. One bag will give you 100 filters. Drink it up!