• Kinto Coffee Server
  • Kinto Coffee Server

Kinto Coffee Server

105 kr.125 kr. inc. Vat

We introduce to you, the Kinto Slow Coffee experience – made in the land of the sushi. Rest assured, this will make your coffee taste nothing like rice.

The Kinto Coffee Server is made for the slow coffee experience. Slow as in water poured slowly over your favourite selection of coffee beans, slow as in coffee dripping slowly into the Kinto glass server, slow as in take your time to brew your coffee, slow as in stop up and smell the coffee. The luscious curves of the server leaves room for the full coffee experience shared between friends and family. The server comes in two sizes, 1-2 cups and 3-4 cups. The little server has one dot engraved on the side – one dot means two cups. The large server has another dot engraved on the side, this one means four cups. Convenient? It sure is.

And it comes in a pretty box too.