• Takahiro Kettle

Takahiro Kettle

989 kr. inc. Vat

The Takahiro kettle will most likely become your new best friend, when you wish to dive into the experience of manual, pour over coffee brewing. The kettle is produced and shipped out of Japan to coffee-brew-masters around the world.

Pour over coffee is about that slow pace, you want to take your time brewing and dripping. The Takahiro gives you the precision you need to have perfect and slow flow control. The unique pouring spout lets you practice your pouring technique without the splashing from a regular size spout. No splashing means no hassle. Yes, the Takahiro will bring a smile to your face Рand it will make any kitchen look good with its sleek design. Kettle size says 900 milliliters, 24 cm long, 15.5 cm tall, 12 cm in diameter, and it is equipped with an extra narrow spout for that perfect pour. Made from strong stainless steel.

Brewing easy, Takahiro-breezy.

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